why a cosmetics and make-up shop could be a good business.

Tricks, body creams and hair products. What do they have in common? They are all cosmetic products and can be found in all homes. That’s why today I’d like to talk to you about how and why to open a franchised cosmetics shop , with four (plus one, you’ll see why) of the best brands in Italy. But let’s start by understanding why a cosmetics and make-up shop could be a good business.Open a cosmetics store: market requests

As I have just told you, the market for cosmetics-related products is very wide. In addition to classical cosmetics, brands have also established themselves that are characterized by specific aspects, such as the naturalness of the products , or the presence of ingredients and characteristics that make them suitable even for those with special needs, such as when they suffer of allergies to certain components or pay attention to the production methods of the product, as happens for those who choose products with ingredients not tested on animals.

Please also note that cosmetics are a completely transversal sector, which affects all age groups and all spending possibilities. Some brands are uniquely positioned on the market to satisfy a specific segment of the population; others, more generalists, differentiate their range to meet more needs.

If you have even minimal knowledge of the industry, you will have come to mind several examples of known brands that fall into these cases. Think about the one that is closest to your way of conceiving cosmetics: this will help you in choosing the brands you want to receive information on how to open your franchise store.

Cosmetics: no longer just for women
First you’re wondering if opening a franchised cosmetic shop is a good idea or not. It really could be. I use conditional only because a lot also depends on you and your ability to exploit this sector and satisfy the desire for new products and the needs of consumers. In fact, when we talk about cosmetics, we are referring to a very large market, which does not seem to know about crises.

Moreover, unlike the past where these activities were mainly aimed at women, today the cosmetics are more and more about men , with dedicated product lines in every market segment, from luxury to the most economical and commercial lines. Let’s not forget the products designed specifically for the care of children, who often find dedicated lines by the most famous brands of cosmetics for adults.

Moreover, despite the expansion of online commerce , the presence of beauty and make-up shops in the streets and in the Italian shopping centers remains a constant, thanks to the affirmation of some well-known mono-brand brands. The particularity of the products sold, also pushes many people to prefer physical purchase, especially if you want to try new products or you have the desire to receive advice from sales staff.

What should I do to open a cosmetics store?
Regardless of the specifics of the brand or products you would like to choose, opening a franchised cosmetics shop is quite simple from a licensing point of view . In fact, no type of requirement or training is required, even if a thorough knowledge of cosmetics is recommended in order to meet the needs of all customers.

From this point of view, however, considers that often the same franchisors to provide specific training, with updates on new lines and tips for use to be transferred to customers. As regards the opening of the sales point, the procedure to be followed is as follows:

Opening of VAT number
Registration with the Chamber of Commerce responsible for the area where the store is located
Sending the single communication for the commencement of the activity to the municipality
Registration for INPS and INAIL (for the owner and any employees)

From a formal point of view, the opening of the store is therefore rather simple. However, consider that many franchisors also offer assistance for this aspect and can also help you in choosing the most convenient location for the store .

I always recommend to spend some time on this aspect, because the place where the store will be located could be really fundamental. Some franchisors, as you will see in the next paragraphs, have specific requests both on the square footage and on the store windows and on the location. I always suggest you choose an area with a high pedestrian crossing , located in the city center at least average or in a busy shopping center.

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