Starting a business in the ESS: 24 hours with Margaux, co-founder of “Weeds”

Margaux climbs four to four the five floors that lead her to the office of her association Weeds. “I climb like a goat because if I stop, it’s done!” She exclaims arriving on the landing, barely breathless. “And that’s my wallet!” She said, opening the door of a tiny room. Margaux sneaks to his desk, stuck between a pile of cardboard and a white tiled wall.

“It’s small, but at least we have a local to us. No need to squat noisy cafes or each other’s flat to chat with my two associates. It did me a lot of good, to have this place. “

Listen to Margaux tell
how she came up with the idea of ​​creating Weeds

How did Margaux get the idea to create weeds? Passionate about cooking, it seems logical to him to go back up the sector, from the plate to the field, and to be interested in the agricultural production. But for this Parisian, difficult to imagine living in the countryside more than 10 days a year! So why not combine the two by creating vegetable gardens in the city?

In 2011, after a six-week study trip to Canada and the United States, Margaux decided to start and set up an association called Weeds, which she hoped would soon become a cooperative. The purpose of the structure is twofold: to produce fruits and vegetables in the cities to allow the inhabitants to eat healthy, and to create social bonds through workshops or events. But the idea did not come in a day. ” There was a lot of doubt and scratching of the head,”admits Margaux.

From the idea to the formalization of the project,
Margaux explains the different stages

” Before launching, an idea must mature, says Margaux. I met many people, I went to conferences, seminars, I talked a lot about me … I spent 4 months fixing everything on a piece of paper! We also responded to calls for tenders and applications to enter incubators. This helped us a lot to formalize our project.

When we launch into the social and solidarity economy, we receive a lot of support, probably more than in the classical economy because we are not in a competitive relationship. On the other hand, it is difficult to find economic sustainability where there has not been one before. We have to think about all the economic models, find money where we do not usually put it … “

Listen to Margaux give you his advice

“It is exciting ! Margaux enthuses. But it’s also exhausting and exhausting, “she admits. To go up Weeds, she had to go back to live with her parents, accept odd jobs, dig into her savings to rent this room in the 5th without elevator …

“Do not think everything is going to be great. We can not be at 200 per hour all the time. We go through ups and downs, we have moments of crazy energy and total demotivation. I sometimes wanted to move on to something simpler. I felt so tired … And there is no shame in saying that you give up when it does not really become possible for you … “

Margaux tells us about the difficulties of being an entrepreneur

Margaux did not give up. His periods of doubt and fatigue never questioned his project. ” Today, we still can not afford it. We are three partners, and we always knew that we could not live all three. But we wanted to continue because it is a project that is important to us. “

For her well-being, Margaux understood that she had to go back to work and make a living in a more sustainable way. Through her network, she has found project management consultant assignments in associations. “The project will advance faster and better if I can manage my time more effectively and if I work with more enthusiasm” , she concludes before running to his next appointment …

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