O’Way! Let’s talk about public transportation

The idea :

Monday. 8:30 am On the platform waiting for the next subway, RER, train … We all have a nasty reflex: Ignore other passengers. At this rate, we are millions to take transport every day without saying a word! And if this word was enough to change our daily life? O’Way! The mobile application to discuss with other passengers on the same route. It can change our life? O’Way! Maybe our soul mate, our future employer, our future co-founder are in the same wagon as us. So do not wait on the platform and board.

Operation :

Very simply, the user:

  • Informs you of your journey
  • Creates or joins a group of passengers in relation to ongoing discussions (Group description, topic of discussion, number of participants). The topics of discussion may be around the news, a particular focus but also announcements, a job search …
  • And it only remains to discuss, discuss and then meet who knows …

Why this idea might work (why this startup succeeds) :

Social entrepreneurship has great things to do and it is the belief that together we will contribute to a better world. Without realizing it, there are millions of opportunities for us on public transport. These transports represent finally a formidable space gathering millions of passengers without any effort, having needs, competences but especially full of common points of which the first, the route.

It’s time to enjoy and exploit them!

Originality :

The originality of this idea is that we have transcended our limited vision of transport that dictates that transport is delays, incidents, discomfort … But would all these problems be as important if we shared our trip with other travelers?

The source of all these problems is not structural or institutional but only human.

Your business model (How do you make money?) :

Ah, the famous question of money! Sooner or later, you have to know how to answer it! Several possibilities :

  • Opt for a freemium  model  with paid options within the app
  • Generate advertising revenue
  • Have sponsored links
  • Resell data for advertisers
  • Partnering with the major players in the transport world
  • Count on a pull worthy of the greatest for nice investors to bail out the boxes each time.

Target Region / Country :

Ile de France mainly, then deployment on the national territory, then European and see Mondial!

Transport is everywhere!

Who are your competitors :

  • Ciggo: Connecting professional travelers during their journey by TGV (Pause the project to date)
  • MetroFinder: Dating app that matches travelers according to their itineraries
  • MonWagon: Multi-functional application with a community aspect of journeys

What can our readers do (investors, early-adopters, curious …) for you? :

The curious = To your questions!

Readers = To your votes!

The early-adopters = At ​​your registration on the site (We are in pre-launch)

Investors = At ​​your money!

The jury = To your verdict!