Open a franchise car rental: how to do it, tips and list of the best franchisors

The opening of a car rental franchise is certainly an idea to be evaluated by those who intend to start a new business. The short, medium and long term rental formulas and the multiplicity of vehicles that can be offered for hire (from motorbikes to cars to commercial vehicles) are two factors that alone are sufficient to make people understand how a car rental is a potentially profitable and successful business.

Why open a franchise car rental
Over the last few years the needs of Italians in terms of mobility have changed considerably. This is demonstrated by the fact that car ownership is no longer a priority among the new eighteen year olds, as was the case in the past. The sharing economy or sharing economy is also a reality with regards to the transport world, starting from the sharing of car passages.

Car rental is just another side of the phenomenon that often sees the car as an object to be used and no longer to be owned, especially for mid-range or low-end cars. In reality car rental also responds to different needs, which may concern the use of a vehicle other than the one in which it is held. A typical example is the rental of a car for a holiday , perhaps following the use of other means of transport, such as long-distance trains or airplanes.

Even special events such as special occasions, weddings, parties or the reception of guests and tourists can dictate the need to rent a car. I could go on with other examples and ideas but I want to focus on another aspect, important for those who want to evaluate the different possibilities of car hire.

Long-term rental
As you will see in the paragraphs dedicated to the best ideas to open a franchise car rental, long-term rental is also an opportunity for rental companies. In the past, this type of rental was aimed exclusively at large corporate fleets. Today, however, even small businesses and professionals require the possibility of hiring their company cars.

On the other hand, the possibility of this type of rental for individuals is even more recent , which can therefore take advantage of a long-term rental, even for a single vehicle. Now I want to talk to you about the requirements you should have to open your new rental business.

Requirements and opening of the activity
In theory, opening a franchise car rental business does not require any specific requirement, other than the attitude to customer relations. Good organizational and problem solving skills complete the profile you should have to start working in this area. From the point of view of qualifications, however, no type of specific certificate is required.

The opening of the activity itself is very simple from a bureaucratic point of view, since no special permits or procedures are required, apart from those common to all activities (VAT registration, registration with the Chamber of Commerce , communication of the beginning of the activity at the Municipality).

As you will see in the following paragraphs, some franchisors deal directly with the bureaucratic part, and therefore do not even require the franchisee to open a new VAT position. However, this situation is not very common, even if it is actually present.

Another important aspect regarding the opening of a new car rental business is the choice of the place where to place the office. The space for the reception of customers and the office can also be very small. More important for this type of activity is the presence of a deposit for vehicles, possibly covered. However, this aspect is not always necessary either. Some franchisors in fact propose an affiliation for the activity of mediation, which therefore does not require the physical presence of vehicles.

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