How to start a business

Do you have an idea and want to start your business, but are you wondering about its potential? Maybe your loved ones are not as confident as you are about your concept? Our free and quick training is for you. It will allow you to validate your project without having to invest in a long training.

Come meet us to discover our proven tools for start-up entrepreneurs.

Validate your project

Come and present your project and your expectations. We will help you to determine the potential of your idea, its strengths and weaknesses according to the market where you will evolve. Through hands-on exercises and networking with other new entrepreneurs, you can share and compare ideas.

The steps of creating a new business

When you want to start a business, there is something to be lost. We will help you understand the different steps to move from your idea to your business. An introduction to the notions of market research, planning and business plan will allow you to have a good vision of the steps to take. We will also introduce you the brakes to undertake while giving you the tips to avoid them.

The Business Model Canvas Chart ( BMC)

We will also teach you how to use the BMC, an essential, visual and very easy to use help. It is a modern tool, designed by seasoned entrepreneurs and validated by 470 co-creators. He will be your best ally to clarify your idea and launch your project. Thanks to him you will have a global vision and you will be guided step by step in all the stages of development of your company.

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