How to open a real estate auction agency

Real estate auction agency: what it does
Let’s start by defining what a real estate auction agency is: we are talking about a service agency that caters to individuals and businesses , to help in all the practices and formalities necessary to purchase a property at auction . This type of agency is also able to assist the client in all pre and post auction phases, starting from the evaluation of the convenience of the purchase, up to the management of the post acquisition. We will analyze all the services that this type of agency is able to offer in the paragraph dedicated to the job opportunity. But let’s see first what are the requirements and the procedure to follow for the opening of this type of activity.

Iter to open a real estate auction agency: bureaucracy and requirements
Opening a real estate auction agency is not very complex from the bureaucratic point of view. It is in fact a consulting service , not specifically regulated. Indeed , auction consultancy agencies do not carry out intermediation , either real estate or otherwise, and are therefore not subject to the rules and requirements of real estate or brokerage agencies.

Therefore, the opening of an agency does not differ much from that of any office open to the public , at least for the generic procedure. Here are the steps to follow for the start of a new activity:

Opening a VAT number
Communication of commencement of the activity to the municipality of location
In addition to these four basic steps, the future entrepreneur will have to make sure that the office is in compliance with the rules relating to activities open to the public. For the specifications of the case, we recommend to refer to the office or to the site of ‘ company health local and shared . In the event that you intend to make use of the collaboration of other people, it will be necessary to sign the relative contracts of employment or hiring and carry out any foreseen obligations.

The choice of commercial premises
The choice of space for opening the new real estate auction agency must also be carefully considered. The place where the activity takes place does not necessarily have to be very large, but rather it must have at least one window visible on the road, in a medium-transit area, residential or with the presence of other offices and professional activities.

The audience of potential customers to whom you wish to contact is also important in choosing the venue. In case the agency’s target is mainly composed of private individuals , it is advisable to prefer a residential or commercial area. It is better to opt for areas with a strong presence of offices or professional services in the case in which instead we intend to turn mainly to companies.

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