Business creation: the CIDJ accompanies you

“Act and undertake”. This is the name of the new space created in the lobby of CIDJ (the Center for information and documentation of youth) in Paris in partnership with BGE Adil.

The aim is “to accompany young people for free in an area open to all,” explains Marie Richard, President of CIDJ. An accompaniment which benefited Guillaume and Vincent, two young entrepreneurs.

The permanence of information

The  CIDJ advisers  inform you about the creation of activity. The permanence with the beacon tool, is addressed to any public interested in the idea to undertake.

From Tuesday to Friday, from 2 pm to 5.30 pm, without appointment.

The services of the “Act and undertake” cluster

The Activ Créa course is for those who want to undertake with or without specific project and lasts 3 months.
The pre-incubator course is for those who have a specific idea and want to make it a project. This course trains for 6 months to the formalization of a project and the implementation of a business plan.
The intergenerational incubator lasts one year and is aimed at those who have a formal project and want to test the viability on the market.
coworking space is dedicated to entrepreneurs who can work on their project.

Practical information: see opening hours of CIDJ.

From food truck to business creation

Guillaume Poultorak has just joined the pre-incubator at CIDJ. This 30-year-old, with an atypical background, wants to create a society that creates useful, connected and design objects . “I have a master’s degree in anthropology and I specialized in cultural project management,” explains Guillaume. “I did audiovisual production, I was a bartender and I even worked in a food truck” . It is also one of his customers of the food truck that will give him the idea to create his business. “He arrived with a Daruma (lucky japanese figurine NDLR) telling me that it should be connected. That’s where the idea was born, “recalls the young man.

After 6 months of reflection he decided to integrate the pre-incubator CIDJ to help him cope with the first difficulties and the creation of a business plan. “I did not want to be done in my place but to do with me and thanks to the pre-incubator I was able to enter the magic of Excel tables, ” says the young man. His ultimate goal: “to get to the grail of any entrepreneur: to find a financing for my project” concludes Guillaume.

Use your professional experience to start your own business


Young professional in the hotel business, 29-year-old Vincent Guillot has just created an online hotel training website. “Working at the reception, I realized that there were a lot of shortcomings among professionals and that training in the hotel industry was often long and expensive,” says the young man. “That’s how I came up with the idea of ​​creating a site that offers short and inexpensive courses . 

He joined the incubator at CIDJ to help structure his project. “I really enjoyed the business-oriented training I was having trouble with,” says Vincent. An intergenerational incubator who brought her a new vision of her project. “The incubator allowed me to confront my project with others, completely disputes brought by people different which allowed me to have another look on my project” indicates Vincent. Today, the young man has just launched his website .

Creating a business when you are a student is possible: the status of student entrepreneur

The status of student entrepreneur provides support in the business creation of students or recent graduates.
The status is open to young people under 28 years of age, higher education student or recent graduate who are part of a nugget. The nuggets are distributed throughout France and are generally installed in schools or universities.

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