The Start of Things to Have in Mind when Creating a New Business

You make a decision as to what you’ll sell and the way you need to market your company. If you wish to keep your own personal and company boards together, ensure that the content is always appropriate and doesn’t cloud the content for your enterprise. When you’ve resolved to begin your own business, it’s tempting to quit your job so that you may present your new business all your attention.

Where to start?

Buy Your Company’s Domain Name If you would like your business to not be taken lightly, then you want to have your own site. No matter the sort of business you’ve got, you will benefit if people are able to find your organization on Google. Therefore, each ideal company is defined by the company owners.

Purchase a franchise If you would like to begin a business but don’t wish to come up with your own goods, or ways of doing business, franchising could become your ticket to business ownership. Somebody who is taken out of the company can supply a different perspective that may otherwise be missed. Starting a company requires many skills and talents you might not have realized you’d need, like Design, legal and tax knowledge. (See more:

Perhaps you think starting your own company will make it possible for you to earn more income, and control your own destiny. You are able to succeed in your company or career and lead the type of life you wish for by following the basic principles described below.

Ideas and Capital

There are numerous, a number of other methods to initiate a business. There isn’t anything wrong with purchasing an enterprise. Successful men and women, and businesses, recognize the demand for change early. You’re able to then access working capital that could be used to create new company, cover current liabilities obligations, or make payroll. Whether you wish to begin a new company or want to get new income streams for a present business, the best business ideas will probably be right in front of you.

Most individuals are frightened to change how they do things in their company. Each business differs and as such each may discover a different or one of a kind method to scrape together the capital required to launch their company. Starting a new company is exciting and scary all at the exact same time.

Finding the way

When it has to do with your company, you must be somewhat selective of what you share in social networking. Before you try to go into business for yourself, you will need to be certain you’re cut out to run your own business enterprise. If your company is in graphic design or whenever you have professional logo designing experience, you might be in a position to get away with making your own logo, however. If you’re fine with conducting business over the telephone, be conscious of one huge pain. If you adore your company, it is going to be exponentially less difficult to give it the care and attention it must thrive. Start by simply listing everything that you are able to think of that must be done in order to launch the company. Your company or product launch is the very first impression people will remember.

Finding the proper notion to begin a little business is the initial step in your startup efforts. Other small business ideas are not anything more than new methods of marketing mundane products. So, among the most important things you have to do is create a sales projection. Before quitting your work, it may be a very good concept to study the lives of entrepreneurs and the various forms of businesses they created.

Open a franchise car rental: how to do it, tips and list of the best franchisors

The opening of a car rental franchise is certainly an idea to be evaluated by those who intend to start a new business. The short, medium and long term rental formulas and the multiplicity of vehicles that can be offered for hire (from motorbikes to cars to commercial vehicles) are two factors that alone are sufficient to make people understand how a car rental is a potentially profitable and successful business.

Why open a franchise car rental
Over the last few years the needs of Italians in terms of mobility have changed considerably. This is demonstrated by the fact that car ownership is no longer a priority among the new eighteen year olds, as was the case in the past. The sharing economy or sharing economy is also a reality with regards to the transport world, starting from the sharing of car passages.

Car rental is just another side of the phenomenon that often sees the car as an object to be used and no longer to be owned, especially for mid-range or low-end cars. In reality car rental also responds to different needs, which may concern the use of a vehicle other than the one in which it is held. A typical example is the rental of a car for a holiday , perhaps following the use of other means of transport, such as long-distance trains or airplanes.

Even special events such as special occasions, weddings, parties or the reception of guests and tourists can dictate the need to rent a car. I could go on with other examples and ideas but I want to focus on another aspect, important for those who want to evaluate the different possibilities of car hire.

Long-term rental
As you will see in the paragraphs dedicated to the best ideas to open a franchise car rental, long-term rental is also an opportunity for rental companies. In the past, this type of rental was aimed exclusively at large corporate fleets. Today, however, even small businesses and professionals require the possibility of hiring their company cars.

On the other hand, the possibility of this type of rental for individuals is even more recent , which can therefore take advantage of a long-term rental, even for a single vehicle. Now I want to talk to you about the requirements you should have to open your new rental business.

Requirements and opening of the activity
In theory, opening a franchise car rental business does not require any specific requirement, other than the attitude to customer relations. Good organizational and problem solving skills complete the profile you should have to start working in this area. From the point of view of qualifications, however, no type of specific certificate is required.

The opening of the activity itself is very simple from a bureaucratic point of view, since no special permits or procedures are required, apart from those common to all activities (VAT registration, registration with the Chamber of Commerce , communication of the beginning of the activity at the Municipality).

As you will see in the following paragraphs, some franchisors deal directly with the bureaucratic part, and therefore do not even require the franchisee to open a new VAT position. However, this situation is not very common, even if it is actually present.

Another important aspect regarding the opening of a new car rental business is the choice of the place where to place the office. The space for the reception of customers and the office can also be very small. More important for this type of activity is the presence of a deposit for vehicles, possibly covered. However, this aspect is not always necessary either. Some franchisors in fact propose an affiliation for the activity of mediation, which therefore does not require the physical presence of vehicles.

why a cosmetics and make-up shop could be a good business.

Tricks, body creams and hair products. What do they have in common? They are all cosmetic products and can be found in all homes. That’s why today I’d like to talk to you about how and why to open a franchised cosmetics shop , with four (plus one, you’ll see why) of the best brands in Italy. But let’s start by understanding why a cosmetics and make-up shop could be a good business.Open a cosmetics store: market requests

As I have just told you, the market for cosmetics-related products is very wide. In addition to classical cosmetics, brands have also established themselves that are characterized by specific aspects, such as the naturalness of the products , or the presence of ingredients and characteristics that make them suitable even for those with special needs, such as when they suffer of allergies to certain components or pay attention to the production methods of the product, as happens for those who choose products with ingredients not tested on animals.

Please also note that cosmetics are a completely transversal sector, which affects all age groups and all spending possibilities. Some brands are uniquely positioned on the market to satisfy a specific segment of the population; others, more generalists, differentiate their range to meet more needs.

If you have even minimal knowledge of the industry, you will have come to mind several examples of known brands that fall into these cases. Think about the one that is closest to your way of conceiving cosmetics: this will help you in choosing the brands you want to receive information on how to open your franchise store.

Cosmetics: no longer just for women
First you’re wondering if opening a franchised cosmetic shop is a good idea or not. It really could be. I use conditional only because a lot also depends on you and your ability to exploit this sector and satisfy the desire for new products and the needs of consumers. In fact, when we talk about cosmetics, we are referring to a very large market, which does not seem to know about crises.

Moreover, unlike the past where these activities were mainly aimed at women, today the cosmetics are more and more about men , with dedicated product lines in every market segment, from luxury to the most economical and commercial lines. Let’s not forget the products designed specifically for the care of children, who often find dedicated lines by the most famous brands of cosmetics for adults.

Moreover, despite the expansion of online commerce , the presence of beauty and make-up shops in the streets and in the Italian shopping centers remains a constant, thanks to the affirmation of some well-known mono-brand brands. The particularity of the products sold, also pushes many people to prefer physical purchase, especially if you want to try new products or you have the desire to receive advice from sales staff.

What should I do to open a cosmetics store?
Regardless of the specifics of the brand or products you would like to choose, opening a franchised cosmetics shop is quite simple from a licensing point of view . In fact, no type of requirement or training is required, even if a thorough knowledge of cosmetics is recommended in order to meet the needs of all customers.

From this point of view, however, considers that often the same franchisors to provide specific training, with updates on new lines and tips for use to be transferred to customers. As regards the opening of the sales point, the procedure to be followed is as follows:

Opening of VAT number
Registration with the Chamber of Commerce responsible for the area where the store is located
Sending the single communication for the commencement of the activity to the municipality
Registration for INPS and INAIL (for the owner and any employees)

From a formal point of view, the opening of the store is therefore rather simple. However, consider that many franchisors also offer assistance for this aspect and can also help you in choosing the most convenient location for the store .

I always recommend to spend some time on this aspect, because the place where the store will be located could be really fundamental. Some franchisors, as you will see in the next paragraphs, have specific requests both on the square footage and on the store windows and on the location. I always suggest you choose an area with a high pedestrian crossing , located in the city center at least average or in a busy shopping center.

How much does it cost to open a business in the wellness sector?

Wellness: literally feel good. In a general sense, wellness or wellness means a sector that includes many activities, from gyms to personal care, to treatments for psychophysical wellbeing. As you can imagine, the wellness sector is very diversified and therefore includes areas that are also distant from each other. However, what unites them is a constant expansion and search for products and services related to people’s wellbeing.

Wellness: feel good today
As I mentioned to you, the wellness sector is a rather large area. Treatments and care of the body and mind are becoming more widespread, and you will have noticed a certain constant in the appearance of ever new services. That’s why it could be a good idea to open a franchise business in the wellness sector. Some brands in the sector offer a multiplicity of services and products, in order to expand their potential customers and satisfy many needs.

Keep in mind also that wellness is not an aspect that only concerns a female or adult clientele. Customers of wellness activities can also be men, old people or young people: welfare is therefore directed across all age groups .

Many of the more or less well-known brands that deal with wellness are franchising . The specific experience on treatments and products and the in-depth knowledge of the market are two of the aspects that lead to franchising affiliation.

Especially if you do not already have experience in the field or you want to extend what you already know, a franchisor could be for you. Many of the proposals currently available on the market do not require any experience and give you the opportunity to take training and refresher courses, in order to give you the professionalism necessary for the type of products or services offered.

In the following paragraphs you will find some of the best ideas I have selected for the franchised wellness sector; as you will see, they are very different in terms of type and investment required. Let us now evaluate the financial aspect of an activity in the wellness sector, calculating the costs you will have to meet.

How much does it cost to open a business in the wellness sector?
As I have already mentioned, wellness is a very diversified sector and so are the investments required for franchising affiliations. Keep in mind, however, that the minimum amount to invest is around 10,000 euros, to which you will have to add some items of expenditure. First of all, consider the rent of the place where you can start your business (or purchase). The price of an annual fee varies greatly depending on the city, location and square footage, but keep in mind that a few thousand euros is the minimum amount you will need to calculate.

Another item of expenditure concerns any work of reconstruction or adaptation of the space. Especially if you intend to provide services that require special environments (such as salt caves or a fitness space) you will have to take into account the cost for the adaptation of the premises. Some franchisors provide furniture and equipment together with the initial investment. Evaluate this aspect also before signing an affiliation contract.

Other items of expenditure to be taken into account are those relating to utilities and personnel . Also in this case the costs are very variable, especially as regards the users. Especially if you use machinery, you will need to account for an energy-related expense to feed it.

Usually franchisors are able to provide information on these aspects, for their specific sector. So I suggest you ask all the information about it and if possible ask for advice also regarding the choice of the place and its location.

Tips to open wellness center business

Opening a franchised wellness center is an idea that could certainly prove to be a winner. The reason is soon said: the ever increasing attention that people of all ages, women and men, show towards the care of the body , beauty and physical form . If you are passionate about one of these aspects, working in the wellness sector could be an activity that is right for you.
I would like to talk to you first of all about the different types of wellness centers and treatments that they offer, and then deal with the topic of investments for this type of activity.Wellness center: various activities for personal well-being
Wellness center , hammam , spa , spa , beauty farm are words now entered the common language. Although there is a difference between specific activities, what they have in common is the search for the well-being of the person, especially regarding the treatments that involve the body.

The range of treatments and types of wellness centers is very varied. These range from fitness and weight loss centers , to those specializing in anti-cellulite or anti-aging treatments, through massages, water treatments, saunas and spas. Some centers also offer several different treatments, also combining services of expertise in beauty centers.

Later you will see some proposals of well-being centers in franchising also quite different from each other. I advise you to devote some time to understand which type is closest to your interests or the experiences you may already have in this area.

However, experience is not always necessary for the opening of a franchised wellness center; in fact, keep in mind that most franchisors offer specific courses, especially when using treatment machines. In addition, franchisors always offer assistance and training courses. In this way you and your collaborators will always be sure to offer an adequate and updated service to customers.

How much should I invest to open a spa?
Opening a wellness center is an investment that could prove to be quite important. However, the amount you will need to consider initially depends heavily on the chosen franchisor. Depending on the brand and the type of wellness center, they could be needed from 15,000 euros up, with a maximum ceiling even close to one hundred thousand euros.

You are probably wondering why these figures are so different: consider that the investment depends first of all on the presence or absence of specific machinery or equipment . Secondly, the size of the wellness center is very important, especially for activities such as spa, spas or hammams, and requires a very large size.

In this regard, to calculate the investment that you will have to face, then consider also the rent or purchase of the space where you can build your wellness center and any renovation and creation of the necessary equipment for your new business .

€ 25,000 / € 30,000 is an estimate of the amount from which you will have to leave for an activity with low initial investment and an important size. Keep in mind, however, that all figures are indicative, and that the costs to be dealt with above all for rentals or purchases much also depend on the city and the chosen area.

If you intend to offer different services and manage a large area, please also note that you will also have to pay for staff costs. However, we recommend that you take advantage of the franchisor’s guidelines, which are usually able to help you estimate these and other additional expense items. Some franchisors also offer support in finding the business premises or on the best area for the type of activity chosen.

Open a workplace safety franchise

The accidents at work are a sad reality that almost daily accompanies the chronicles of the world of work, despite the strict regulations on the matter. Companies are in fact required to comply with precise provisions and to implement all measures to ensure safety in every workplace. Often the orientation between regulations and obligations becomes complex and companies need to turn to a consultancy service. Find out what the areas of intervention are and why opening a franchise in the field of safety at work could be a good idea.

Safety at work: what services can be offered?
When we talk about services on safety at work we mean a multiplicity of areas of intervention that differ according to the sector of activity of the company concerned. The agencies involved in this sector are therefore dealing with activities that are very different from one another, ranging from fire safety to anti-fall safety , to occupational health and food safety.

The services offered therefore range from advice for adaptation to labor standards, specific interventions related to problems or compliance with relevant regulations. Another area of ​​intervention is also that concerning the training of personnel, with courses of all levels and updating in the event of changes to the regulations.

As you could understand from what I have told you up to here, the areas of intervention are really very varied, as well as different professionals can be involved in the security sector. So let’s see what are the requisites for opening a work safety activity in franchising .

Who can open an activity in the field of safety at work: the requirements and professional profiles
In general there are no specific requirements to open an activity in the field of occupational safety. However, we are talking about a very delicate sector both for the subject dealt with and for the presence of numerous regulations on the matter. It follows that this activity should preferably be carried out by those with specific expertise.

However, many franchisees organize specific training courses for the sectors of activity, which allow anyone to pursue a career in occupational safety services. In case you need specific figures (such as an occupational doctor), it is always possible to make use of external collaborations or to hire specific staff.

Some franchisors require skills already acquired or are aimed exclusively at professionals already active in areas close to that of security. For specific requests I invite you to refer to the description of each franchisor, which you will find in the following paragraphs. Where not specified, it is always possible to request all information regarding the franchisor of your interest.

The performance of the real activity does not require particular requirements, if not those provided for all the spaces open to the public. The space where you intend to start up your business must therefore be in compliance with the regulations set by the local health authority for commercial activities open to the public.

67% of companies feel they are not ready for RGPD

With the latest study conducted by NetApp, the war of numbers seems to continue on who is at the point and who still is not on the RGPD side. This last publication does not announce anything reassuring and only confirms the climate of anxiety weighing on the companies.

This is the new figure announced by the study of the US company NetApp  : 67% of companies believe they are not ready for the deadline yet scheduled for May 25. The survey was conducted in March 2018 with companies based in the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany and employing more than 100 employees.

CC WOCinTech Chat

Other figures are advanced by the study: 35% of these companies fear for their economy and the financial repercussions resulting from their non-compliance. More interestingly, 51% think that the RGPD may damage their reputation; we see with the RGPD how the law turns into a real marketing argument.

Alexander Wallner, vice president at NetApp, concludes the study with a positive note: ”  The RGPD, data compliance and privacy issues will undoubtedly affect businesses affecting the data of citizens of the Union. European. There is good news however, despite the approach of the deadline: the entire ecosystem meets the requirements of the RGPD, from resellers to manufacturers.  The accountability of all stakeholders is therefore one of the points to be addressed by the Vice President.

In November 2016, a global study conducted by  Dell revealed that less than one in three companies felt they were prepared to comply with the GDPR and that 97% of them had no plan to comply with the future regulation. A slight improvement whose height can not be clearly ascertained since the studies were conducted by different organizations and are based on other standards.

Start your business

About 15% of SMEs in Canada are female-headed, according to a report filed in 2013 by RBC Economic Research. It’s a little, but be careful: this number is growing 60% faster than men’s. Women have the wind in their sails! The adventure tempts us? We read the following before leaving our job!

Step 1: check if you have what you need

Josyane Desjardins is Executive Director of Femmessor Montérégie, an organization that promotes women’s entrepreneurship by providing access to capital and support services. According to the professional, who has worked for nearly 20 years with entrepreneurs, the business community is not for everyone. “According to the statistics, about 10% of people have an entrepreneurial profile,” she says. Going into business requires special qualities and skills. While some can be developed, many, like flair, are innate. In general, entrepreneurs know how to detect opportunities and seize them at the right time. They also have a taste for risk, but especially a tolerance to the latter,

To succeed in business, you also need management skills. Combined with a good sense of organization, they will allow us to manage the different facets of our business. “Like finances, staff, inventory, schedules, etc.,” Josyane Desjardins explains. Leadership is also an asset to convince people to follow us in our project. Finally, it is important to have interpersonal skills that will help us develop a network and surround us with trusted people who can be delegated certain tasks. ”

Over time, Virginie Morin, owner of Les Glaceurs, which specializes in making cupcakes, understood that delegating is indeed essential to the growth of a business. Because, if she started both hands in flour with happiness in 2006, she is now happy to be able to devote herself to the management of its four shops. “With the birth of my daughters, I had to delegate some tasks,” she says. It’s now part of my work philosophy. It allows me to reconcile work and family. ”

Finally, passion is an essential ingredient in the realization of our project, as confirmed by the chocolatière Geneviève Grandbois. “Starting a business is exciting, exciting and rewarding, but it’s also exhausting and it challenges us,” she says. If our desire comes only from the head, we will lack courage to face everything. “What corroborates François Lambert, one of the dragons of the popular show In the eye of the dragonand author of a book that will be released this spring in which he shares his passion for entrepreneurship and his “recipe” for starting a business. “Our project must be the dream we wake up to every morning,” he says. Starting a business can be difficult. So we often say that we will not go through. But when you’re guided by passion, you do it. ”

Step 2: Assess the relevance of our idea

“To know if our project will hold up, it is essential to do a market study, explains Josyane Desjardins. It will help us find out if there is a potential market, identify our customers, assess whether our product or service matches the needs of the market and identify the competition. ”

Several organizations can help us. This is the case of local development centers (CLD), part of whose mandate is to support entrepreneurs. In Montreal, this role is more that of the SAJE organization, which supports new entrepreneurs through advisory services, coaching and training. To become familiar with the market study and the ways to achieve it, one can also consult the guide offered online by the Canada Business Network or through its Quebec portals Info Entrepreneurs and Business Resources. True gold mines, they offer the complete list of agencies and sites to consult to manage a business, from its start to its closure. Another way to know if our idea is good: we talk about it! “If we do not talk about our idea, strong are the chances of dying with it, warns François Lambert. We are talking about it. To our family, our friends, our colleagues. Their feedback is essential to refine our project and take the pulse of the market. “Very few ideas are stolen,” he says. Good ideas, everyone has them. What makes an entrepreneur strong is how it’s done. ”

Step 3: Create our business plan

“This is a thirty-page document in which we present our entrepreneur profile, our project and all the essential elements to its realization: results of the market study, budget forecasts, necessary resources, marketing plan, etc., “explains Josyane Desjardins. It is usually from this document that the donors will evaluate our seriousness and the viability of our project.

CLDs can help us design our business plan. There is also the SAJE organization, which offers a training called Starting a Business , after which a business plan must be written. This certificate of professional specialization is also offered to adults by most school boards in Quebec. If you’re more of a self-taught person, you can opt for the self-completed business plan template on the Business Development Bank of Canada website.

Business creation: the CIDJ accompanies you

“Act and undertake”. This is the name of the new space created in the lobby of CIDJ (the Center for information and documentation of youth) in Paris in partnership with BGE Adil.

The aim is “to accompany young people for free in an area open to all,” explains Marie Richard, President of CIDJ. An accompaniment which benefited Guillaume and Vincent, two young entrepreneurs.

The permanence of information

The  CIDJ advisers  inform you about the creation of activity. The permanence with the beacon tool, is addressed to any public interested in the idea to undertake.

From Tuesday to Friday, from 2 pm to 5.30 pm, without appointment.

The services of the “Act and undertake” cluster

The Activ Créa course is for those who want to undertake with or without specific project and lasts 3 months.
The pre-incubator course is for those who have a specific idea and want to make it a project. This course trains for 6 months to the formalization of a project and the implementation of a business plan.
The intergenerational incubator lasts one year and is aimed at those who have a formal project and want to test the viability on the market.
coworking space is dedicated to entrepreneurs who can work on their project.

Practical information: see opening hours of CIDJ.

From food truck to business creation

Guillaume Poultorak has just joined the pre-incubator at CIDJ. This 30-year-old, with an atypical background, wants to create a society that creates useful, connected and design objects . “I have a master’s degree in anthropology and I specialized in cultural project management,” explains Guillaume. “I did audiovisual production, I was a bartender and I even worked in a food truck” . It is also one of his customers of the food truck that will give him the idea to create his business. “He arrived with a Daruma (lucky japanese figurine NDLR) telling me that it should be connected. That’s where the idea was born, “recalls the young man.

After 6 months of reflection he decided to integrate the pre-incubator CIDJ to help him cope with the first difficulties and the creation of a business plan. “I did not want to be done in my place but to do with me and thanks to the pre-incubator I was able to enter the magic of Excel tables, ” says the young man. His ultimate goal: “to get to the grail of any entrepreneur: to find a financing for my project” concludes Guillaume.

Use your professional experience to start your own business


Young professional in the hotel business, 29-year-old Vincent Guillot has just created an online hotel training website. “Working at the reception, I realized that there were a lot of shortcomings among professionals and that training in the hotel industry was often long and expensive,” says the young man. “That’s how I came up with the idea of ​​creating a site that offers short and inexpensive courses . 

He joined the incubator at CIDJ to help structure his project. “I really enjoyed the business-oriented training I was having trouble with,” says Vincent. An intergenerational incubator who brought her a new vision of her project. “The incubator allowed me to confront my project with others, completely disputes brought by people different which allowed me to have another look on my project” indicates Vincent. Today, the young man has just launched his website .

Creating a business when you are a student is possible: the status of student entrepreneur

The status of student entrepreneur provides support in the business creation of students or recent graduates.
The status is open to young people under 28 years of age, higher education student or recent graduate who are part of a nugget. The nuggets are distributed throughout France and are generally installed in schools or universities.

Creating a business in the social and solidarity economy: the way forward

Organic restaurant, ressourcerie, publisher of applications for the disabled, consulting firm specializing in sustainable development, caretaker solidarity … You have an innovative project and socially useful and can not wait to make it a reality. But between the moment the idea springs and its realization, several stages are essential.

Produce a file presenting the project

Above all, put the idea of ​​your project on paper by asking as many questions as possible.
What do I want to propose? Whose ? How? Why ? By writing these ideas, you will see more clearly and some questions may appear. It is also this written file that will allow you to consult potential partners (incubators, business incubators, support organizations, coworking spaces or funders).

The SSE sector has many structures to facilitate the creation of a business, such as the Regional Chamber of the Social and Solidarity Economy (Cress) , the Regional Union of Cooperative and Participative Societies (Scop) , the Mouvement des social entrepreneurs ,France Active, France Initiative, Entreprendre Network, PACE, Avise , etc.

They usually offer free advice and their support is a guarantee of credibility for your project. “An accompanied company is twice as likely to succeed than a structure that is not,” says Michel Rohart, director of the Regional Union of Scop Rhônes-Alpes. Our incubator, Alter’Incub helps project leaders to formalize their idea and verify that their model is viable. ”

Go to the field

For your file to be accurate and realistic, it is essential to confront the theory with the reality on the ground. It is by visiting the places where you want to establish, by talking with the neighbors, by studying the habits of the population, the potential of customers or the competitive activities that you will be able to realize a market study which will leave nothing to chance.

Do not hesitate to meet peers who can give you their testimonial and their advice.
As its name indicates, the ESS sector is based on the logic of solidarity and experience sharing . Enjoy!

Search for financing

Public subsidies, bank loans, private or participatory financing , the search for funding is often done on several levels and may take some time. But being accompanied by a structure is often a plus.

“When we invest in a project, it creates a leverage, says Jean-Yves Angst, co-president of the National Federation of Cicadas . For example, if we bring in 5,000 euros in capital, the project leader can expect to be granted an additional loan of 10,000 euros by a bank. For example, La Nef or Crédit Coopératif, which are oriented towards SSE, see a project supported by a Cigales club. ”

Get loans and subsidies

Going through a support structure also allows you to practice presenting your project in order to succeed in getting a loan , for example.
To be supported by a Cigales club, a candidate must present their idea to all members of the club. By participating in this great oral, he learns to argue and answer questions that he did not necessarily expect.
He puts all the assets on his side to present his project to a bank adviser or the commission of a public body.

Public subsidies can also be used to finance a project in the ESS. Whether aimed at business creation or more specifically at the SSE, local authorities(regional council, general council, town halls) offer various scholarships. This is the case of the “Désir d’entreprendre” grant in Aquitaine-Limousin Poitou-Charentes or the “Young Entrepreneur Scholarship” in Finistère.

Choose the legal status

Another element to define: the legal status of the structure you want to create. Here too, the support organizations can explain the different statuses and help you choose the structure that best suits your project.

Associations, cooperatives and limited profit-making companies , typical of an ESS company, are that it reconciles economic activity and collective interest and that it is based on democratic organizational and operational modes .

“The other specificity of the social and solidarity economy is that it is possible to start one’s activity by being an employee of an activity and employment cooperative (CAE) . She will take care of all the administrative tasks. This allows you to test your activity while enjoying the benefits of employee status, “said Patricia Eon, director of CRESS Midi-Pyrénées.